I Have A Foot Fetish! Do You!?

Hey I'm a average white male 22y/o living near the D.C area. I would love to meet up with or exchange pictures of your cute socked feet ladies. :D I have all kinds of socks and love wearing them everywhere! Message me! let's have some fun!!
sockboy17 sockboy17
22-25, M
6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I wanna smell your socked feet

Feetwriting@gmail.com. I have some girls that would love to meet you!

Do u have toe socks lol?

Knee high socks all the way! White / pink are my favorite.. anything that looks cute is generally a turn on

I totally agreee! I would definitely kiss a sock covered foot opposed to a bare one :P

I think we do have the same fetish :p I like hose and socks.. i need feet to be covered too lol

Do you have any preference of sock types?

Sorry-I don't have your fetish. I do believe socks can be sexy, and thigh-high hose, but feet? Plain old bare feet with nothing covering them? Not so much.