I Want Some Sort of Transporter

I met some great folks here it would so nice to be able to just pop around to a few different places to visit some of them and it sure would come in handy if they decided to send me back to India again the plane ride was 15 hours!

SantanaRex SantanaRex
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8 Responses Jan 19, 2009

Snowy is nice - two friends are from Michigan, the other is from Rhode Island so they may not be looking for more snow by March LOL<br />
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I definitely think this through .....

I think it would be nice to go somewhere snowy :)....<br />
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But I do agree with you SantanaRex...everyone should keep the sports bar as an option....

FG - I have only been to Vegas once, but I liked it!<br />
AG - any ideas on where you would go i know where I would be heading! - and it would not be Vegas at least not until I picked up a couple folks.<br />
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Did you ever see Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure! Remove the barriers of time and space (or maybe just time in their case - but I took some literary license!)!

I frequent Vegas often.

I think we need some Trekkies to weigh in here, I am not sure exactly how their transporters worked but thats basically the idea. I will throw in some bucks of course, but I am the idea guy I would need help with the how to LOL <br />
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I say we all meet in Vegas! I have friends from grade school and friends from work and Vegas seems to be a place that I will be going sometime for the weekend, maybe late March - sports bar to start March Madness - RAAA. I always take off starting Thursday that weekend ... All kinds of dates are getting thrown around there are about 7 or 8 folks that have been throwing this idea around. So i know I will be there sometime this year!

I'm all about using a transporter! <br />
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There are so many people inside and outside of my circle I would love to meet in person. I think FG is planning her virtual trips. I need to catch a ride!

That transporter would be very welcome.

l went to lndia and that ride is not a fun one. l lost quite a bit of weight while l was there too. A transporter would be great to be able to pop home to see the puppies mid-week.