How I Met My Soldier!

It all started about 5 years ago when i meet the man of my dreams. I started dating my fiancee at a party we both happened to be at thanks to some friends. Well long story short years went by...stuff happened like always and now today i am sitting here in the Memphis Airport waiting to go home from family day(weekend) with my army man in fort Knox KY. They had off post all labor day weekend and man it felt amazing to see him since i have seen him since graduation from basic June 15th. I love my fiancee with all my i happy he joined the army.....honestly no im not but its what he wanted so i support him 100% and ill be here for him when he comes home. I support all you ladies out there that are in the same boat i am and have their boy friend/ husband/fiancee. Thank you all for the incredible support to understand what we all are going through.

BraysArmyWife BraysArmyWife
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2009