My husband hurts me and shouts at me all the time. I have 2 daughters with him. Hes moveing out soon hopfully. I cant take anymore of his behaviour.
I want someone whos gonna love me forever, treat me right and make my life worth living.
Cazzabazza123 Cazzabazza123
26-30, F
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time too tell him to go and let you be happy with your daughter. men like that are a waste of space

Hope you find your dreAm gal soon..
Understand at this period of time, you indeed need someone to loved u

Thanku hun. Xx

you got to be strong as i knw it alittle bit tough for you to hang on... If you feel sad or moody you can kik me ;)

Aww. Thanku hun. Xx


U are very lovely. Xx

My kik name is cazzabazza1234 hun. Xx

My kik ID ..Juzlalaland

Jus a asian lonely soul like you... Waiting to meet someone to hold my hand & walk with me this dark path

Where do u live hun? Xx

Small red dot island that you can found on map ... Singapore

Aww. U cud come ova and stay at mine sumtime if u like? Xx

Sorry abit blur ... Where are you from

Lancaster in england. You would be very welcome to stay sometime hun. Xx

Wow thats far ... But nice to know you here.. Thats very nice of you to let me stay over ^^

My profile pic tell you im shy ... Heehee

Its ok hun. If u can come that would be great. If not you have got me as a friend anyway hun. Xx

Just joking with you babe !!! You are such a sweet gal


Kik me to talk further

U r too babe. Wish we cud meet? Xx

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I wasnt waisting your time. Im going through a **** time so please dont message me if your gonna be rude?

My hearts breaking.