Actually - I Already Have Had Someone Take Nude Pictures Of Me...

I find taking pics of myself REALLY arousing and I always "thank myself" for taking them. *grin*

A very close friend of mine was doing a photography course and being a bit of an exhibitionist anyway I agreed to be the nude model she was looking for. We'd been great friends for years and had seen each other naked in showers/changing rooms etc at school, at the gym and at swimming pools.

It started out as an "artistic" nude shoot but because we'd been drinking wine and we were having a lot of fun doing it, it was making me hot and I started messing around to make us laugh. I kept saying things like "ooh baby, yeah - you like my ****?" The longer it went on the crazier the things I'd say...and then the crazier the poses became and then the crazier the things I'd do and she'd ask me to do.

Let me tell you - if you get hot taking pics of yourself it's NOTHING as good as having someone else taking pictures of you

...and even hotter ************ in front of a fully clothed friend.

She started asking me to put my hand on my pinch my nipples etc., Getting bolder she asked me to place my hands on the insides of my thighs...then to play with my pubic hair...then to hold my hand in front of my private area "to make it look like you are touching yourself."

I thought there was no point pretending so I actually DID touch myself. When she noticed this she got even bolder and asked me to spread for her, putting on a fake "**** Director" accent. I was dying to do it anyway so I asked if I should put a finger inside myself.

By the end she was taking pictures while I was actually ************. Let me point out that my friend isn't and hasn't (as far as I know) ever had sex with another woman but I KNOW she was enjoying this as much as I was.

After I had my "moment" and was sitting in the chair enjoying the afterglow with my eyes closed I heard my friend stop taking pictures and start moving around the room. When I opened my eyes she was naked from the waist down, sitting on the sofa and was starting to play.

I watched her and when our eyes met I smiled...she smiled back and carried on carressing herself.

It didn't take long before I saw her arching her back as her hand started getting quicker and then her thighs clamped it between them.

We sat there, looking at each other, smiling, not knowing what to say. I felt like I'd just had sex with her even though I hadn't touched her at all. Later she told me she'd felt the same way.

I can't remember who spoke first...I think it was me saying something like "that was amazing!" I DO remember her covering her face with her hands and rolling over onto the sofa, curling up in a ball and laughing really hard.

"That wasn't supposed to happen!" she giggled. "How am I going to look you in the face again, now?"

Anyway - I think we had a couple more drinks and then I had my turn taking photos of her for her to give her boyfriend. It didn't get as heated (and the photos weren't as good as hers - I couldn't work the camera) but it was a nice way to round off the evening.

We're still very close friends and we still talk about it...well, I think I'm always the one who starts the conversation but she joins in! =o)

I doubt very much if having someone take naked photos of you always ends up like this but who knows? =o)

Hope you all find someone to pose for!

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Why is it a bad thing?

I s'pose it's much harder to "bare as much as you dare" when you know someone is going to see the pictures/films before you, when they're being developed.<br />
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Hmmmmm - mind you....I actually LIKE the thought of doing that!<br />
<br />
OMG! I'm such a bad thing!<br />
<br />
Catie xxx

That is really hot. <br />
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My husband and I have enjoyed taking pictures of each other (somewhat along the lines of what you describe, and what ever creative stuff we can think up). We have been doing this two or three times a year since we got our first digital camera. <br />
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I sure wish digital cameras had been around when we had been in our twenties. We have a few old faded Polaroids and a few 35mm b&w nudes (nude but sedate, not sexual).

That soundsl ike a very horny and liberating experience and I'm sure it did no harm at all to your friendship.

Wow...i definitely do enjoy posing for myself and your story definitely wants to make me pose for someone else taking the pictures.

camera at the ready lol