If Only I Could Find Someone

I would really like someone to take nude pics of me.  I've got really comfortable with my body lately, and have done some very bad pics myself, but I think it's time for a professional job. 

gdgtgrl gdgtgrl
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I was going to offer my services, but I'm in Virginia. Please add me so I can see your pics and maybe give you some advice on poses, etc.

if you want someone to help you take pics let me know i'm a mature guy in iowa

i want to taken nude pic and i want to make model so please so any body help me i am 28 years pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help meeeeeeeeeeee

I don't know any one of who wouldn't like your nudes

Would love to have girl(s) make me pose for nude pics then I'd love them to just leave with all of the pics without even letting me see them but telling me where to helplessly see them displayed afterwards. They could make it more fun too if my clothes where gathered after the shoot and they take all of them with them, leaving me nude. Probably my number one fantasy and actual goal but it seems to be almost impossible to have happen but I'm still looking.

I would be very interested to see the pics you have taken. ...'would be nice to see what goes with the face...

I wish you luck in finding a professional photographer to take nude pictures of you!<br />
<br />
In some parts of the United States, including my state of residence of Iowa, none of the photographers, professional, or amateur, will shoot photographs of nudes! Iowa is a very straight-laced, squeaky clean state!

Do it! I wish I could take them for you.

maybe if I had some more encouragment

Why not post some of the nude pics. We can then decide if they are good or not.<br />

Why not post some of the nude pics. We can then decide if they are good or not.<br />

You go, ggrl. What a cool thing.

Spacenut. I talked to Jerry Harke who was the photographer who I used. He is located here in Northern Virgina and is willing to travel south if need be. You can check him out at http://www.jrharkephotography.com. You can contact him from there if you like what you see and the you guys can agree to do whatever you like. I wish you the best.

I was in the same spot a week ago. It was suggested that I find a professional photographer and i did by googling for a nude photographer in my region. I found a great one and if you go to my pictures, you can see the result of the work I did with him. This are only 14 of 300 plus pictures that he took. Not all of them were excellent (due to the model involved) but I was very happy with the ones he did take. He suggested poses and tried all different things to highlight you as the subject. As he said, you never know what will work best.<br />
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He had originally suggested that we start out clothed and go to partially clothed and then go to fully nude. However, I did not want any clothed or partially clothed pictures, so we just took nude photos. Additionally, he showed me a variety of different props that others use for their pictures (chains, ropes, etc.) I opted not to use any props for my pictures and I am very happy with the results.<br />
<br />
If I can help in any way, please let me know.