I Want Kim Do Dead!!

I want this woman dead. She at one point was my entire world because I am someone with no family or friends. While associated I fell into a deep depression with debilitating anxiety. While allegedly trying to help me through she encouraged me to stop working and enter treatment. While in treatment they discussed the need for support systems. For me she was my support system. Without her I was all alone with nothing. I asked hey while being treated whether she would be there for me. She said she would. Then I got out and she abandoned me and spit on my face. She said things like " get used to bring alone", "do u expect me to feel sorry for you", "you have no place in my life", and you are a "pathetic loser". My feelings of depression and hopelessness multiplied 100 fold and I overdosed on pills, but did not die. Since then, my life has gotten much worse. Unemployment, bankruptcy, tax issues, loneliness and pain fill my days. While she spends time with family and friends, goes to trips to Mexico. It is not fair. She promised to be there to help me get well because she KNEW I couldn't do it alone. She pushed me over the ledge and laughs about it. I want her dead now. I don't ever want her to have any good experiences after the way she hurt me.
Mnguyen Mnguyen
36-40, M
May 6, 2012