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So, I'm not expert in writing things, but i wanna share my story with yall. So from 1-8-th grade i was a fool a looser.  All my classmates was hating me, and i still don't know why, i was just a weird girl. They was calling me death, goth , emo, looser, b*t^h and so on. It destroyed my childhood and my school life. Now i hate my mates. Also i had a friend, she was near me 7 years but she started to be friend with another girl, It didn't make me mad but the thing that hurt me is that she made jokes on me and many things that i don't wanna to remember right now. Now my life changed a little bit. Last summer I met a girl who was near me all time but in the same time we was far away from each other. I mean she was in my school but we never talked because we hadn't this occasion, I cant say that we was hating each other or liking each other because we just didn't knew about each other. So last summer we started to talk on facebook. Actually her mates are hatting her too and i understand her, here's just a complicated thing, they are just f*cking weirdo and I want to f*c^ them. We are not talking 'bout them, we are just talking about funny things, music, how s*itty are some people and  so on. I'm thankful to her right now because she changed my life, not much but enough to make me a bit more happy. Thank you! (hug) 
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Thanks :-) I do have people but I dont let them get too close. Its my issue not theirs. Enough of them do try to lol. Maybe thats why I find it easier to talk to people online...

It's a good thing that you dont let them to get close. Because many of them will just use you and then you will feel sorry that you let them close. ahah online is easy to talk :) youre right

Thanks, that does make me feel better. Proves me right that it is good to talk online :-) Many don't use me so I should be more trusting.

well it depends in what country you're living. In my country people are using each other for money a lot. So I don't trust to them. In your case time will show you who's the real friend. :)

I live in the UK. Where are you from? A lot of people are obsessed with their IPhones and IPads etc, but there are good people who are not like that I know. Just need to trust more I think. Will you add me as a friend?

Oh In UK its alright , I live in Romania so here are not nice people :D I dont know how to add u as a friend . I'm new on this site

Romania. Oh thats cool. I like to travel :-) Just go on my profile and add to circle. Im new to this too. Take care.

I think I added you :) take care too

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Thats cool :-) Im a bit of a loner sometimes so thats cheered me up.

:) nice, I hope that you will find someone too that will be near you all time and support you. :}

my life is just like this. i was friends with this girl from birth my mum and her mum new each other we were born in the same place and the same month. but when i was 7 years old she she started to be friend with another girl and then she helped people beat me up and call me names. I'm 18 now and i still have no one.

i think she was just a kid and she was stupid and two faced -_-. dont worry time will show your real friends :) I was disperated, depressed, i started to cut but this girl found me and made me happy. If u wan I can talk to you :)

thank you i would like that :)

you know , sometime if you talk to someone you feel a relief in your heart :) i would like that too, i think youre nice :3

thank you i think your nice 2 :D

thanks :)

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