I have desires, urges, ones which I cannot say outloud. Sometimes I feel like screaming, as that is how I feel on the inside, but nothing comes out. Silence. If only people could look into my soul, into my thoughts, they'd see I wasn't who they think I am, who I make sure they perceive me to be. It's lonely, being this wolf in sheep's clothing.
TheWolfInSheepsClothing TheWolfInSheepsClothing
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you need somewhere to let them out. Here seems like as good a place as any!? Talk about being fairly anonymous if you want to be!

If you are hurting, say it.

I'm not? That's the point. This is normal for me.

Know how ya feel hurst gotta act like everyone else would even tho it's not what you feel or what your thinking and you feel smarter than most people cause you can see past the emotions that don't make reasonable logical decisions

I understand how that feels, if you want inbox me and we can talk

me too iam so depressed right now I even thought to just throw myself from the balcony I dont know what to do

THAT is never the answer! All you have to do is ask and one of us here I'm sure feels the same way, or has! And some of us have worked past those very same issues! Slow down, breath and know in your heart that it is going to get better if you really try!

Hi ! I feel exactly the same. If you need a friend, inbox me. :)

Hey if you want to talk you can message me

I understand you. I sometimes have these thoughts, these violent bursts if emotions, only they never come out. Maybe all of us sheep are wolves inside.

Then why wear the sheep's clothing? If you're hurt, express yourself and be who you are

I'm not hurt. I just am very different to people. I don't experience "emotions" how one is "supposed to"... I am void of any empathy and find it hard to connect with humans. I am fine with this, it doesn't upset me, it is just frowned upon... so I have to pretend to be something else; someone else... a wolf in sheep's clothing

Oh I see. Now that I understand, I can honestly tell you that there are a lot of people out there like that, and one of them use to be me

I like how I am, I don't want to change, nor do I need to. I think, sometimes, it just gets a little lonely... because you cannot outwardly speak of the thoughts you are having. People would deem you to be dangerous or crazy, or even both.

Yeah. I can clearly remember the loneliness, though I also felt empty most of the time. Seemed like I didn't want anybody to figure out anything about me because of how I'd be deemed, like you said, dangerous and/or crazy. Do you ever feel somewhat empty/numb/indifferent?

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