I don't know how to have normal interactions with other people, like making conversation and what to do in silence with friends :/ I'm 17 and feel like reality isn't all it seem at all
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Start with small talk. A question here, a comment there. Just try to learn things about someone and that can become a conversation by itself. If you want someone to try it on, feel free to message me.

Learning to make small talk is an art. Pay attention to people who are good at it. Practice in private copying what they do. In time your skills will improve and you will develop your own style.
It is just ok to not be a great conversationalist dear. Like anything in life some people have great talent at it others it just is not in their skill set. As long as you accept that your not perfect yet and keep trying you are doing great.
Welcome to EP Sir, I think maybe talking to people with the curtain of anonymity might help you to warm up to chatting with others

Thanks 💕