I wish to talk to someone who I could tell everything, and somebody who wouldn't judge me and it's just so hard to find people like that..
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Here for you if you want/need me.

You can talk to me about anything and I will NEVER judge you :3

I'm a pretty good listener and who am I to judge

If you want someone a little more your age I'm here :

Feel free to message if help or advice is needed.

hey you can tell me anything .I wont judge you

They are called parents.

Sometimes kids don't have that type of parents who they can actually talk to and who can help

Is it the parents that can't communicate or the children that refuse to listen? communication is a two way street and neither direction requires that you agree with what is said.

Anyone can communicate but that doesn't mean it's actually going to help.

Communication entails understanding, and understanding does not equal agreement. I honestly don't think you are looking for someone to talk to or confide in. You are looking for someone to validate your feelings that are masquerading as ideas. A true friend will never do that. If you are wrong he/she should tell you that. You see, back to true communication.

I am looking for someone who I can tell everything to. I don't need a reply from them, I just want to tell someone I don't know. Because my parents wouldn't understand and would probably just make fun of me again. I understand what you're trying to say but sometimes you have to be a bit more careful with your words, you never know what might be going in someone's life ^^ Imagine if I had no parents. It'd pry hurt me if you commented things like "they are called parents". Thank you for your time.

Point taken. So in your future posts say " I want an ear to vent on. I don't want advise only kind words in return. This forum is "ask questions" that assumes you want an answer. Sorry if I intruded.

Haha, you are right. I could have just said that I might not need a reply. I'm fine both ways, and I'll make sure I'll at least try to use better wording next time.

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u can talk to me message me

on here your crazy ,,,,,talk to your mom or dad,,,,

My parents do not know how to help me ^^ they know pretty many things and sometimes even make fun of me.

talk to your school counselor or your pastor,,,not on here,,,

Keen to talk anytime!


I am here for you

I can talk to me im open

we can talk if u want :)

Am here for you

I'm always here if you need someone

Thank you!

me too!

You can talk to me if you want to