I feel so depressed... I have no one to talk to. I don't know what to do. 😔
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Are you depressed about something in particular or generally depressed and unable to participate in the things in life that maybe once gave you joy? Being depressed in either form is very tough, I can relate to both. Happy to chat if you want x


hmmm turn on d music xd

Music is lifeee!!

da's it sweety .......

I can be that someone to talk to

it's better to feel something than nothing at all...i got that from a song thought...

Very true :)

we all feel depressed at some point in our lives

well u can start by making new friends, then a walk would do you great preferably somewhere with greenery but if you have a bay around you or a body of fresh water then thats best. You can also try to write, most of the times the problem seems bigger when its in your head but once its out you realize it was nothing. If none of these work then you should join a support group

Just looking at the first line and without reading the other 14 respones the only advice I can give you , that comes from being an old sod.
One day, when you will never know, you will find that person. They may be the love of your life, they may be the best friend you could ever have wished for, but, one day you will know that you`ve found him/her. When you do think yourself lucky and you will find you are both there whenever either one of you needs the other to be there.

Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me.

You can message me , I'll always be here for you

You can talk to me if you want :)

Thank you! :)

Do many things. It will help you feel better.

If you want someone to share your story I am here I'm a pretty good listener

Depressed and lonely is the worst felling! Hope ur ok! :)

Thank you. :)

Welcome :)

I know your pain. It doesn't matter the age I guess. Everyone needs someone to talk to. I hope you find that person. :)

I hope so too. :(

Well I have fought this issue for a long time too. If you ever want to talk I would be happy to see if I can Help.

I can talk to ya :-)

Depressed and lonely is a terrible combo. I feel like that sometimes too

The worst feeling in the world. :(

Why not !!
Msg me

u have one now :)