I'm so done with life. I would have commuted suicide long ago if I wasn't scared to do it. So many things have gone wrong in my life. I was born in the wrong time period, to the wrong people, as the wrong gender. Not to mention my personality SUCKS for today's society, I don't meet the standard to even have a slight chance of getting real relationship and everyone I love dies. FUCKKK LIFE.
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Rather than contemplating suicide, why not 'take the plunge' and completely change your life by moving to somewhere that you don't know, and where the people don't know you?

I mean, from the sounds of it, you have nothing to lose!!

I did something similar when I was 19, I quit college, joined the army and moved to Germany!

Sometimes people just need to 'start again', even if it means a pay-cut, upheaval, or homesickness..

I'm 16 and still in grade 11

That sounds like my life in a nut shell. So I get what you mean.

Please don't ever contemplate suicide. Message me if you need someone.