In rough shape and could really use a non judging friend whose open and down to listen. I can be a great friend and listener in return! This loneliness is just really starting to take a toll. Lots of 'friends' but no one I can actually trust and freely chat with
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Hey chat me if ya need anything really just lookin for friends myself. Good luck!

I am quite lonely at times as well, that's why I added the app. Why are you feeling lonely?

I guess bc I can't tell ppl here where I'm at(resort job for the summer), certain parts of who I am. So even tho I'm always around ppl, I just feel really lonely bc no one actually knows me and I can't open up to anyone or truly be my self

I feel you, the hardiest thing I am facing is I don't know who I am, or maybe it's who I am that I don't like, yet I do not know how to changes ways, I feel like I am trapped, and have nothing to look forward to in this life, the most joyous times of my life lately has been... Nothing... I feel like I am free falling and nothing is catching my fall.

Do You think if you give yourself time, that will start to like who you are acting? Sometimes, you personally don't have a problem with who you are but you think you do because others around you do not like people similar to who you are becoming.

If not, pin point what qualities/attributes stand out that you don't want to tolerate anymore. And hey, stop being so hard on yourself! Give yourself kudos for realizing you don't like a certain part of yourself and that you are wanting to change. A lot of people don't notice or care to change so. It's a very admirable attribute and be grateful to yourself that you notice and acknowledge that you are working on making a change!

Thanks.. I actually pin pointed the 6 things that I can't stand about my self about 2 hours ago, they have been things that have lingered with me for some time now about 10 years, and I have lost some of the most important people and things in my life, and when I do attempt to change the six things, I don't feel any different, and I fall back into my old routines, and I don't know what else to do, to release all of my energies at some points, yet at the same time, I know some things, but as I said, I don't see anything in my life changing, mainly some one to give me the extra push, and someone to hold me accountable, yet I say I love God, so shouldn't I be accountable to him. Sorry I am rambling. Where did you start to work?

The problem with this world is there are so few people who we can trust. People like to gossip to other people when really, we just need a friend. I am currently in the same boat (hence why I downloaded this app). I have a few best friends but they don't know too much about me. We are afraid of what people think about us that we then close off to the world. I have been single for the past 6 months and it has been a scary journey. I must say though, every day I am learning bit by bit about myself. One aspect of myself that I know I love is helping people.

I love helping people as well, I just can not find the appropriate energy at the appropriate time to volunteer my time to do so,(as I was saying that, I felt how lame that sounded) my problem is I trust to easily, I just can't stand how their are so many people who don't care and think it is more important pretend and be empty rather then actually Love.

The people who have big hearts tend to trust people easily not because we are naive but because we care and hope that they feel the same. Everyone has a story. Don't forget that. There are reasons why people don't let people in and why they spread rumours about people. The biggest reason is they are insecure about themselves and talking about someone else in a negative way, boosts up their self esteem. The hard part is finding the people who are willing to open up and listen and who are wiling to care. It's a big world out there! Many adventures to conquer.

Try doing something new maybe? An activity you have never tried? I have trouble sticking to doing things consistently, but always game to trying something new and, it sounds stupid but just something like kayaking. You work out muscles u never even knew u had, ur out on the water getting a gorgeous breeze, surrounded by nature. So many ppl have nvr tried, and once they do it it's like opening a door with a keg they never realized they had. And once u change ur activities, ppl u hang with, ur thought patterns change and so do ur actions and the way you start portraying and viewing yourself. My advice is to try something new or something you have always wanted to try( yoga class maybe?) and stuck with it for 3minths to give it time! That was my turn to ramble haha :).... Working at this isolated fishing camp in Saskatchewan :/

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