I hear bad voices telling me to do bad things. I don't know how to make them disappear. My therapist didnt help, neither does my psy, dr. It makes me want to commit suicide sometimes. edit( I feel a lot better about this from responses, and some research about it on the internet:))
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Yes, they are from negative energies. Do Not communicate with them; Ignore them, but keep telling your self that you are Inherently Positive and Good and you only want to hear Positive things and you only want to do Good things.

Keep telling your self:
I AM Good. I AM Very Positive.
I only want to see and hear Positive things.
I only want to do Good things.

And smile more and make others happy and smiley. And Do keep your self busy, even with cleaning and washing your surroundings. The negative energies will soon leave you. Love and Best Wishes to you.

Thank you so much! I'm crying here .

I'm going to pray for you and those demons will have to flee in the name of JESUS! Have a good day :)

You have to make it your mission to find the right psy for you.. not everyone has the natural intuition even though they may have the background for it. Just find the right one.

Don't listen to them. You are beautiful and God loves you. He wants you to ask him to make the voices go away and then stay with him so he can keep you safe. God is real.

No one likes u


Do it heathee!!

how long have you seen the therapist and psychiatrist?

have you told them not only about the voices? Have they suggested medications? Have you told them about the suicidal thoughts associated (I assume with the meds). ?

I saw the therapist 3 times , she just guessed I had aggression and changed the subject , she wasn't a good listener . My psy dr. Had sympathy and upped my meds. I really don't know why it happens

You need to change your doctors immediatly and request to be removed from the meds as they are causing suicidal thoughts.

you have the right to refuse medications and request other options. I suggest you do that to start with. Don't ask for a medication directly, ask for help.

Also tell the psychiatrist EXACTLY what is going on. no stories or metaphors.

How about seeing one first?!!!!


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