Friday will be seven years since my dad died. I'm only 21. I can't handle this pain alone
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I'm so sorry for your loss but you are not alone. And I'm sure you've done him proud. Keep smiling and celebrate the time you did share with him. Cause no one can take the memories away xxx

Thank you, so much, as it gets closer to Friday my heart aches more than I can stand. Thank you for your kind words.

Sooner or later . We aaaaaaall are gonna get out this life . One today another 60 years later . Don't worry darlin , daddy is in a food place . Wherever he is , i know for a fact that is better than this world.


I appreciate that, but it still really hurts. Whether that place is better or not, I wish he was here with me still. Or we were together there.

Honey . We are humaaan . And we are living in a place , that there are rules in it . Some rules are not that type we can handle them . It's jus rules . One of them is dying . And another is forgetting . Another is getting along . So there is always a rule to stop the pain of another rule . I want u to understand , that if u are feeling the pain right now , is cause u r 21 . In this age u have fewer things to do , ur jobs are not so complicated , u have freetimes . And that makes u think a lot obout ur loss . But by the time going , there would be a day , that u almost forget ur whole past . Gooods and bads . Lets life going . Good days will come . And remember this quote ( the end of everything is gooood . If its not good now , it means its not the end yet . ) good luck

I may be 21 but that has nothing to do with any of this.. I have less free time than most adults. I am a full time nursing student, I work full time as an EMT and part time as a nanny I three little girls. I will never forget the good times, or the bad and I will never stop feelin this pain. Certain times are easier than others but forgetting means losing that person for good and I won't do that. Thanks for your advice, but I'd rather not do that

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Awh I'm sorry :( tough stuff... If you need anything just let me know. You can do it! You're not alone:)

You're not alone, you can do this. ❤️

Never think you are alone. Everyone is battling their battles everyday. My mum pass away to protect me 12 years ago and I made myself believe it was my fault. I don't remember her voice, just the memories. I watch other mothers and feel sad because all I really want it my mother back. What you need to remember is you can't change the passed, you can only change the way how you see the past so you then can move forward. Never think you are alone because i am here on your side :)


Thank you very much!

I'm sorry. I lost my dad 12 years ago, 6 months after my husband left me for a friend of mine. I can honestly say I'm over my husband, but the emptiness I feel from the loss of my dad has never even lessened. I miss his smile and his laugh. I miss his hugs.
You aren't alone.

I'm so sorry for your losses. That emptiness is horrible

You're not alone. you have us to feel you.

Am sorry. .... you can reach me if you need anything

My father passed away 15 years ago. He had cancer but was not diagnosed in time. The doctor gave him less than 7 days to live. I was not able to arrange care for my children and buy a plane ticket in time. I made it to his funeral. :( To this day I have regret, the things I didn't say that I wished I did.
I am sorry your father passed away. I know how much it hurts. HUG

Thank you for sharing your story with me, it helps to not feel so alone