I need a good minded person to share ideas with.
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I'm here for ya buddy!

Feel free.

All right

Can you tell me how come we have white skin and black skin?

All related back to genes? I would assume being under the sun for too long under hot weather created the 'black skin' you are talking about.

Skin might differ but everything inside the body is same for every1... So the difference is just up in the brains :) what matters is a good kind heart and the way we treat others with respect. :)

It's all to do with which type of ape we evolved from (: Chinese, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Indians every race is from a different species of ape...that's my theory anyways. Taking into account geographical location, the apes would have adapted differently over the years, natural selection in apes will have played a big part in all sorts of differences between races, stature (height/build) skin colour and hair.!

Yellow skin and transparent skin some people have ichthyosis and have green to purple skin lol it's the same as birds the same bird can be a different colour depending on their location diet and threats

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