You have friends that say you can tell them anything, but it's not true. I tell people things and then out comes the judgement. I hear how I should/shouldn't feel, what I should/shouldn't do, what I should/shouldn't say. It's disappointing. I want a friendship that is open. Someone I can tell anything to and they can tell me anything.
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I know that I'm more than twice your age, but I am a good listener. There is one thing about age "I've heard it all, believe me". Nothing shocks or offends me. Maybe I didn't do it all, but I sure thought about it. Make something up, and try me if you wish. You would be very pleased with my response.

Dont rush a perfect friend will come your way

People only want to hear what is convenient for them and aligns with what they feel. It liberating when u find someone u can just speak your mind and not be judged!