I found out my step dad is cheating on my mom.
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Words hurt more then anything!😔

that stinks

oh how horrible for you....does your mom know?

That is rough I went through I similar situation with my dad too so I understand what your going through

I know what you mean.

Me too...
You should tell your mom, it's only going to hurt her more if their bond continues only to be shattered. Not only that but, if she were to find out you knew before herself it'd be even more ugly. Even more, do you honestly want to be around a guy who's like that? Show her those messages somehow.

that's got to be hard on you. it certainly breaks any trust you may have had also. this may be the hardest thing you have had to do and you may be branded for doing so, but you need to let your mom know before she gets a broken heart or comes to find out later about it and that you knew but didn't say anything to her about it. but word to the wise, be careful on how you tell her so as not to draw suspicion upon yourself. but by all means, please do go tell her please. baby glp.

That sucks so much. You should tell your mom.

If the evidence is clear then you gotta tell her


What are you going to do? Tell her?

That's really tough. Is there any chance you're mistaken?

Unfortunately no, I saw messages from people he has hooked up with.

Oh my gosh, that's terrible. I'm so sorry you're stuck in that position.


Message me and we can talk

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