Since I was a teenager, I dealt with scrutiny for being quite, bashful & not speaking in a certain tone of voice, and even scrutinized for being skinny. I was also teased a bit for not getting into sexual activity too during my high school years . Those things still ring clear like a regular day but overall I at the very least still had family & real friends that I can call my own at the end of the day and remaining mentally & emotionally strong as I can be. I wonder if anyone else on experience project deal with all those things like I did.
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For most of my years in school I was called Boney Jonesy.

I'm a female and I'm 13 i got moved to canada when I was 9 and at school i got teased a lot. I had an accent and I wasn't the best looking girl and i didn't really know or understand Canadian culture and the horrible things that I went through that year still haunt me at home my mother had cancer and my grandmother also lived with us to help my mom and my dad was also there to wrap it up it was hard because at home it wasn't the best place or the most peaceful but same at school i was getting bullied and had no friends but life is like a book and u can't start a new chapter when your still reading the last one close it learn from it wonderful things are ahead of you just close the chapter and you will see

My son is like this. And it's beautiful and great. And inside so strong. I love that my son doesn't change and all he cares is about that care about him.

a garden gnome will keep your secrets every time!

My friend is like that... Except she's female.
She's very skinny but also rarely ever speaks and when she does it's really quiet and in the same tone, it's also either a sentence or less.

Yeah, speaking in a certain tone of voice was something that to this day would still seem to be a bug-a-boo to an extent, but something like that never really keep me from continuing to move forward in life, no matter how downright painful of a thing it may be to struggle with anything in particular.