My boyfriend spent a good two hours telling me all the embarrassing and stupid things he's ever done and I had absolutely nothing to say back to him, I had a boring life. And now I feel like I just crapped out on my half of the relationship responsibility thing.
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Dont feel bad tell him that you didn't really have a exciting life and he will understand but still tell him some of your memories even if they aren't that exciting it will make him feel better and to top it off just tell him you are looking to make exciting memories with him

I wouldn't worry about it at all... there's no rule book that says THAT is what makes up your half of the relationship responsibility thing.

I think your half is being open, honest, trusting and communicating.

Personally I hate everyone's "One time..." stories.

It isn't a responsibility to have done stupid things just so you can tell them to someone special later. Those things are most often regretted and if you are happy with your life then you shouldn't call it boring. However if you are unhappy with it, go out and do something you've never done before, make friends with your waitress or help someone out, and you'll have plenty stories to tell.

Exactly what I was trying to get across u said it better

It's your fault that you've had a boring life. Like u control how ur life goes but u can't do anything about it now so don't dwell on it. Just make ur life more interesting from now on by taking risks. I don't get how ur boring past affects ur current relation ship tho?

He might not believe her and now he feels that he told her do much but (though she doesn't) fells she doesn't trust him enough to tell him