my guy best friend and I dated for about 3 months. those are the months that I wish i could erase from my life. things went sour, he broke up with me and told me he was done with me. I was so devastated losing my bff and bf at the same time. now we barely talk, worst thing i have to see him every other day for class. eight months and i miss him so much
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hi, his behaviour is a form of self preservation, he was hurt as well, and not seeing you helps him deal with it, not that that helps you, all I can say is the same as most have already done, give it (yet more) time, and for now (((hugs))) to help you:)

awwww !! if he was hurt why is he hurting me even further. i stand corrected ! guys are more complex than girls.. i will give it time, but i feel like it's late though

hi, I read all your replies, the one where you say "he wasn’t ready" and you nagged, don't beat yourself up over it, but do learn, it takes a long time for a guy to feel comfortable in a relationship and it is only when he does that he will feel ready for one, he is not deliberately hurting you, that is most likely his last intention, he is just ensuring the space he wants so badly, personally I think he made a bad choice. :)

okayyy !!! so he'd rather hurt his bff for some space, like space from what?

is it too late for me to give him his space? i just want my bff, like i will get a bf when the time is right

Don't answer, just ask yourself, when was the last time you tried to talk to him? and how often do you try to talk to him? do you feel you have given him space and time? if so either write a note or ask him to talk to you.

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Give yourself time. I know it’s cliche but time does fix everything. What I advise is to block that person out, whether it’s through social media or real life. Avoid them. Spend some time away. This is easier said than done, but out of sight does mean out of mind, if you let it.
Stay strong and keep moving forward.
I'm here if you need to talk, or just need someone to listen.
I truly hope you feel better.

I know, but it's so hard. you just made me shed a tear. like how can one change like that over night? i barely know him anymore :'( and i miss him so much it hurts ! why !!!

I can't answer for him since I don't know him. But I can speak from experience with heartbreak: remember that he isn't God. You may have glorified him, a million times over in your mind. He seemed so cool and larger than life, but trust me, he isn’t. He is literally just another human being you spent a lot of thought on. And you know what over-thinking leads to. 11/10 times you will look back at this and say “Wow, he was not even worth it.”

like how long do i have to endure such pain? im really young for this, honestly. it just seems so hard. i hate myself. i feel suicidal at times, the only reason i curb myself is i don't want to curse him with my death

Oh hon, I know it's hard. Please please please talk to someone close to you that you trust it you are truly having suicidal thoughts.

but right now i feel like he's worth it

You need to LIVE! I know sometimes getting your heart broken may seem like the end of the world, but it’s really just the beginning of a new one.

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he said he wasn't ready for a relationship ! and he wanted space, i just didn't understand why my bff would require space from me so i nagged and nagged until he finally snapped :(

:( what did you do?

he said he wasn't ready for a relationship ! and he wanted space, i just didn't understand why my bff would require space from me so i nagged and nagged until he finally snapped :(
i didnt do anything