I think I have feelings for another person . But I have a boyfriend . Does that make me a bad person? Should I stop contacting the other guy ?
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I used to be like you a year ago.. It's bothering so much, right? All I did is telling my bf that I almost fall for someone else but I didn't date him yet.. I explained to him what's going on between us, and he could understand me. We decided to break up and be a best friend. And for the other guy, I explained the same thing,too. I didn't choose one of them since the problem is on me.. I chose to be alone until I can find what exactly I need in a guy..

It is hard when that happens and believe it or not that is happening to me so what I did is I stopped seeing the person and said I needed to make up my mind think things out take a break cause they are not going anywhere are they?

Stop? What on earth for? Leave the boyfriend and take the other guy, or have 'em both. That'd make for a good time and an experience you'll be sure to remember.) Either way just trust that it doesn't matter at this time. Just enjoy yourself and don't take these things so seriously for the time being. (I say this with confidence after taking note of your age range. I know it feels dramatic and really important to you, but at this time, it's really not. Not at all.)

No. Don't do anything until you're sure about what you feel for the other person. Then, when you're certain about what you feel, act on it.

i suggest you stop contacting the other guy

Be a woman and tell him !!!

Be a woman and really him !

If you're "contacting" the other guy then you should end it with your current boyfriend. Don't string your BF along if you aren't sure about staying with him, that is the worst. If you do end it, be clear to him as to why. That you cannot commit to him and to be fair and respectful to him you need to end it for right now. This is all assuming it's an exclusive relationship to begin with.

That doesn't make you a bad person. If you're not completely for your boyfriend you're wasting both of your time being with him.