I need someone who i can speak to and trust :'(
unknowngirlvasquez unknowngirlvasquez
22-25, F
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the door of favor is open to us all to come to the place of grace where we can ask for all we need.

Did you find someone to chat with

I'm here for you!

You can see their honesty by their eyes..

I know you probably haven't met me but you can talk to me if you want just message me.

Wont spread a word that u say.

If ur looking for someone real message me

I'm here if you need me! I don't judge and I'm willing to listen to anything you have to say c:

hey? u ok?

I guess

How r u doing today? I am absolutely useless at using this site for now, hope I get the hang of it soon. Don't see clearly who's replying who.

I'm willing to listen... Message me if you like.

Why do people have too fight for freedom. ......she and her stupid friends ate done very soon. ....

The ladies are in for a ride awakening

Exactly!!! Why do we have to fight for freedom? The government practically controls our lives.

I am openminded, nonjudgemental, and kind. I'll listen if you want to send me a message. =)

I'n here for you anytime!
Message me!

You can speak to me. Everyone doubts me but I would never tell anyone something that you want a secret.

That is how i define love. how long can you listen to my flow of consciousness. A minute, an hour, two, or until i stop? Try me If you really have something to say then write it and i will read it however long it is. Does that mean that I love you when I know nothing about you more than this post, no it means that I lovo this style of communication that allows anonymity.



You can talk to me

I thought I had someone like that...

If you want to talk, I'll be there. No judgement, promise <3

Trust no one here, but am willing to listen.


U can speak to me I don't mind

I know I'm a stranger, but I'm always open to listen to anyone. You can talk to me, if you want, and I won't pry.

Nanajene, contact here first

The thread was I'll keep your secret.. Poster nana..... Sorry don't know. Find them.

trust is just a word till you believe on it...you can believe me

There was someone your age saying about the same, find them

If u need anythin text me :)

Thankyou minju96 ❤️

My pleasure x

Add me and try me


I'm serious

Please be careful

Haha you can say whatever the heck you want to me :) My lips are sealed and I don't judge.


Anytime : )

okay email Me :)


I'm all ears if you need :)


U can trust me

Message me