I want a person girl or guy just to talk to and get close to. I really want a best friend. Someone who don't go to school with me or anything .. A stranger my age that feels as lost as I do in this world.
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You can talk to me, too. I'm 15 and have no idea what's in store for me and tbh I don't really wanna know

hmm, i'm a a hell a lot blunt with everyone plus i hate telling lies so, if you're ok with that just message me. :3

What about a transgender best friend

dude you can talk to me just message me and i swear im kinda rad

Well i'm 16, Male. If you want to talk to me about anything i'm available :)

I would love to.

Right, i'm new to this website so if you want you can send me a message or talk here, I have alot of problems in my real life too that makes me sad, but I feel that helping other people and making new friends would help us both out :) !