We've all had our ups and downs in life, and we've all had those tough, heartbreaking moments that just make you want to give up on everything. Those are the moments when you just want time to stop, when you want the world to stop spinning, when you want everything to slow down, just for a moment, just long enough to get your thoughts together properly. We all may have different problems and different experiences, but at the heart of it, all of us still feel the same way through everything, and we all go through it TOGETHER.

All of us still feel completely, utterly broken and alone. You may think no one understands you completely, or that you're all alone to suffer by yourself. When you start to feel that way, it's time to take a deep breath, take a step back, and look at the biggest picture. People understand you. People are there for you. People are all around you, all the time, and more often than not, you have the loved ones that are willing to help you. If you have those people there for you, then you've found the right support team. If you still feel like you don't have those people around you, then you need to find the people that you feel like you can trust the most and develop that support team with them.

I've gone through my bouts of depression, my sudden anxiety attacks, my suicidal experiences, and my lonely hopelessness. I may be scarred and a little bit broken, but I'm still here, right? So, to me, that's all that matters. I'm going to patch up the scars with optimism to keep me moving forward. Don't focus on the bad things in life and how badly they'll affect you, but instead, think of the good that has, and what will come out of it.

It'll all be okay, because there really is that person out there that you can tell anything to. There's always that random chance for hope. So when you feel like you're lost and alone, just remember that there's plenty of people there for you, including me. I'll be rooting you on every step of the way.

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That was beautiful. Although haven't tried suicide. My thoughts on life exactly.

I'm so glad that you approve of this post. Thank you very much!

Life is life.

It is what it is, I've been told before.

What should I do then if I have a problem in life because of a very close family member (( My mother )) who is suffering right now with something I wish I could do to help her but I've got nothing, when she refuses to get help and I have to sit there and can only think about what she must be going through, i'm 16 and I don't know what to do and I wish that I had someone there in my life that I could go to for my own personal small problems, like normal people have but I refuse to go to my mother.

I have started smoking weed and I don't know if i'm doing it because i'm sad on the inside or it just makes me happy, i'm really confused right now and I would appreciate your advice.

First off, I'd just like to tell you how sorry I am that you and your mother are going through something so painful. What you're both going through isn't healthy for either of you, and you both need to work for a solution together. You've probably tried talking with her before, and she probably still refused to get help. She needs to accept that she needs help, because it'll be the best choice for both of you. Your mom is supposed to act like a mom, naturally, and if you feel like you can't go to her for help in life, then it sounds to me like she needs to find her purpose in life - something that'll make her happy again.
It's okay to be confused about these kinds of things, and I'm so happy that you're trying to get advice from others and seeking out help. You're trying to do what you can, and I'm proud of you for that. If you ever get really upset and need to talk, I'm always one message away, and I'd prefer you talk to me if you need help! For now, I would suggest that you try to make the best choices in your life first, and if your mother makes bad, or even life threatening choices in her life, then you need to take it into your own hands and contact official help.
Keep trying your best! I'm here for you!