i want someone that i can tell everything to; and have them tell everything to me and just have a relationship of trust and knowledge of each other and each other's lives. i used to have a friend like this; but now he's popular and im not. and we dont talk about the sensations of life and how were doing - we just talk about the weather when we do cross paths. and i just need someone like that again that i know i can trust and they know they can trust me. xx
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When u say friend. Is he really a friend. Or is he your "friend". That could make a difference

haha, i know what you mean by that. i once have best friend like that. he was like the sweetest guy i have ever known but then life throws in a curve ball and you both end up in separate groups of friends.

the real question here is, what are you gonna do about it?

Good question. But. Maybe she came here to ask us what she should do. That's why most do come here to ask questions

Ill just say it. Im pretty sure u can trust almost everyone on here. It's like our job to listen. Compare thoughts. And help each other. ;) well all help

This is actually important to a man like me. I know I sound strange in this time now, but I actually do like being honest and being able to express my honest thoughts about life to the female I'm with. I'm not a female so deception or confusion does not come easily to me. I hope I can meet a girl who thinks like me about honesty in communication.

I trust

I can be that person if you want. :D I like helping others and having them help me in return. You seem like someone that will be willing to share more about yourself.

Meh ^.^