i admit a have some trust issues but that doesn't mean i dont want everyone getting the hell away from me.

i need someone to talk to even though i usually am the one who listens to him or her and i prefer that. i want someone who would stay by my side and would tell me everything would be alright because i'm here for you. not because that i'm suppose to be strong because i know that i am weak.
Ryel004F Ryel004F
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 28, 2014

Let's chat message me. I would love to be your buddy

Tell me.. what is it ??

message me if you want

Thanks so much :-)

If you ever need to talk, you can always come to me:)

thanks :3

You're very welcome:)

I'm a fellow listener. I'd be glad to exchange messages if you're interested! :)

thanks :3