I wish I had someone I could tell anything to. I have so many people in my life that don't really care about what's going on with me as long as I'm helping them. Sometimes I just wish I would meet someone who wants to know me for me. 😔
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You can tell me , I will
Listen no problem dear

I know how you feel. The moment when you just want to scream something out but no one is there. Finding a good friend is sometimes quite a challenge. Maybe we can talk and find something in common?

Yes! And it's so hard to find someone who realizes that! And sure :)

i am ready to talk with u and helping u

Yup, I feel like I can't speak my mind to a lot of people. Or they just look at me crazy if I do try. Then I'm even more discouraged

No worries! Please send me a message if you need help~

Ahh yes! If you wanna talk you can message me too! Totally understand what you mean

me either 😞

I'm here for you guys! Send me a message if you need to talk. I'm an expirienced therapist.