I've been dating the same boy for a year next month. We broke up for two months this summer, however continued to see each other, so when we got back together, we didn't restart the count, so to speak. Well during this time, a guy I'm really realllllllyyyyy good friends with, who happens to be his best friend, and I start talking more, like we used to when we were really close. And then he confessed to me that he has liked me since we met, in a very romantic way, and went on in a very long message to detail how he's felt from day one until now. It was heart wrenching how he spoke about it. If anyone answers this, I'll tell the whole tale. A few years ago, I had a very big crush on him, and this sparked up new feelings. I still loved my ex boyfriend, though he treated me very badly. So then I went to camp for a week, and I snuck my phone to talk to guy #2. And it just brought back the old days when it was me & him against the world. We're just alike and we've always been so close. When I got home, I tried to end things between my ex and I, and that didn't work, he freaked out and wanted me back and swore he'd change. I spent time with guy #2 whilst trying to make a decision, and completely fell for him. He was so conflicted, because my ex boyfriend is his BEST FRIEND. And so one day, we were hanging out and my ex kept calling me and him and we decided that for now, since he was treating me better, that I should try to be in a relationship with him again, and so now I am. Guy #2 and I arent talking right now for the sake of it and it's killing me. I miss him so much, and I just don't love my boyfriend the way I used to. I care for him greatly, and I want him to be happy. I'm holding onto our memories and the boy I've had for so long now. I'm so torn. I love them both but I'm being unfair to everyone, and I need to make a choice, but I don't know what to do.
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guy one you broke up with because of issues, Guy two you have had a crush on in the past spills his heart out to you. Think about this for a moment. Guy 2 you can tell your deepest to, guy 1 gave you a reason to break up with. Who do you trust the most to love you more?

Your setting yourself up for a heart breaker and the guy u. Want will broken too

No but seriously, a beautiful girl like you should not have a boyfriend that doesn't treat her properly. But then again girl don't want a super nice guy:/ call me I got a car we can go anywhere 😉

Your story is too long to read... But message me if you want a new boyfriend😘

I have had that same situation really

Lol, I'm 21yrs old and I have been in a relationship with my bf for over a year..we actually just got a place he's a super jealous dweeb and we've been thru allot....well what im trying to get at is...bee single for a while, don't jump the gun...you and#2 can still do whatever y'all want to do, learn to love yourself before making your decision. Don't get me wrong #2 seems to be the guy, but they are "bestfriends" sooo...have fun!!!!! :-)

good luck for u ;)

Sure U can make A new friend with me & talk about anything SweetHeart .

Best thing to do is make the choice tht will make YOU happy. Don't try and stay with guy #1 if you know that you don't love him anymore. It will only hurt him and you in the long run. Sometimes we gotta put ourselves first and ask ourselves what is going to be the best for ourselves and how do we make that possible. It seems that guy #2 is you guy. Take a chance on him. Your guy #1 will get over it. I know this is so cliche but follow your heart. Your emotions are the only proof you to right now. You will be doing yourself and guy #1 a favor.