I don't think that kind of warmth, love, intimacy, or solidarity will ever happen for me. Especially of the opposite sex. Because the truth is that no one will truly care, and hey will take what I give them and leave me with nothing every time. Expecting the worst out of relationships is great because people don't catch you by surprise anymore.
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Love yourself and don't be jaded because by giving someone a chance you'll end up being a lot happier.

Dear friend I think you lack the experience mixing with the society.do not think negative of the opposite sex.generally people are kind and considerate.we can sense if a person is not sincere or taking advantage of us.just relax only trust people 80% only.you can trust your parent 100% because parent will never betray their children.i have 4 children.

It'll be okay.

You haven't lived like half your life your already deciding this wait till your 40 and your love liked is truly over