I just need someone to listen to me

Lately I have been feeling down my life recently don't seem like what it used to be before I used to live a happy n fun life but now everything I do seem to be wrong whenever I say something people seem to misunderstand or hate it and it always make me regret that I ever said it I have been wanting to just lock myself in my house since it better than going outside making people hate me even more my some of my friend try to help me and I am thankful to them but some just ignore me like i am air they speak behind my back and they lied to me about stuff then doing it behind my back
SadPandaaaaaa SadPandaaaaaa
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 30, 2014

They do that. And u still call them friends? What u need is a best friend who listens to all u say and doesn't judge u by your thoughts. Ill be that friend to u

I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I want someone I can tell everything to. Someone that will listen and not judge. Someone who will let me vent, rant and cry to them. I feel like I use to be a happy person to but things change and life happens! But you know what, you are still that same person deep down! The same person who can have fun and is happy. You just gotta rediscover him