My husband cheats on me. I hurts so bad. I have no confidence in myself. I am not pretty. Perhaps if I were pretty my husband wouldn't cheat. I hate being me. I wish I had someone to love me 😔
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my dear friend who said beauty was the reason for a man to cheat u....... even if he had married the most beautiful woman in this world he would have cheated her
some men are like butterflies one is no t enough... i have gone thru this so let me tell u... dnt waste ur energy ur parents did not bring u up to be a failure
love urself and luck will follow u keep in touch .

I am so sorry that your husband is this way. I would almost guarantee without even knowing you that your husband does not cheat because you are not pretty. Cheaters are cheaters and they will cheat on anyone from beautiful to ugly. You must try to have confidence in yourself. Stand up for yourself, nobody deserves a cheating spouse. Everyone deserves to be loved.

Someone will or does. There are lots of good men out there.

He cheats because he's insecure! And that's making you insecure! And its not fair! Everyone is beautiful and he needs to see how good he has it with you! Because I bet he would have nothing without you!
If you feel insecure about yourself then change yourself for you, not for him!

I would say that you should just go and look for someone else, don't even bother formally ending things and going through that pain. Find someone else first, however you like, maybe an online dating site or something. I think you have the right to just get on with things and sort yourself out.

I'm sorry

I love water sports and find it bit ifficult to communicate this and find like-minded people

well it does,nt make any difference .........that u r pretty or not.......just try to to find to somebody else.........who knows what lies ahead............

u say ur not pretty that's low self-esteem.there different kinds or beauty outward beauty and inward beauty like a good heart loving caring.u need to go away for a while let him miss u see if he chases u.

Of course you are pretty! You just need to look at yourself better, remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, put on pretty clothes and do things that make you happy and confident.
I am so sorry your husband is cheating in you, but that has nothing to do with you, and everyhings to do with him, he is not respecting the vows he took.
I know you must be hurting a lot, I hope you get to see how pretty and valuable you are.
Honey, if you give a diamond to a pig, its not going to appreaciate it, not because the diamond is not pretty or valuable, but because it doesn't know how.

Thank you for your advice I,be been doing just that I'm leaving his *** like real soon he thinks that he is moving with me this month, no no no. He is not gonna have my address **** him let the other stupid ***** deal the real him. Because he's nothing but a pile of ****. And it's time to take a bath.

Its time to make a change . You are responsible for your own happiness. If someone cheats on you that is the ultimate way to betray someone . As much as i hear about failed marriges it makes it hard to trust anyone and is probably why i havent been married .I pray and hope the best for you

my ex cheated on me and it hurts for guys as well but affairs dont have to do with looks; they have to do as someone who listens and then they share personal stuff and then affairs start

dnt be stupid dear even if u were iss world it makes no difference for some men variety is the spice of life dnt worry change ur intrsts come out of the drama be ur own.either leave him or live ur life doing things u love ... like continuing a hobby u left half way or something so be happy i knw its hard but u got to

Ur 16 how are you married?

She's 37. Scroll the comments.

You're probably not as bad looking as you think - but your self esteem is shot to pieces. If you're doing all you know to do to keep peace in your household, don't blame yourself. Do some focusing on your good qualities & build that self esteem back up!

All the best to you

The thing is. I use to think in was alright then I saw the other women he cheats with .... Am nowhere in their league :(

All kinds of people (ugly to the prettiest) get cheated on. Often, it has little to do with you and more with the immoral participant. Looks like your self esteem took a heavy blow. Focus on yourself and your happiness. One of my favorite quotes is " Of all the things I love; I love myself the most." I firmly believe if you don't love yourself no one else will either.

I won't cheat on you . I can make you Feel Better. I can give you Confidence and Boost your Confidence All The More. You Are Beautiful (:-). You Are Very Beautiful and He should not have cheated on you He truly loved you which He does not by his actions, You deserve Far Better than He and I can give you That.I would you just simply being you, I simply want you to be you In Complete and Utter Happiness....4444 I can Live Love You and Make your Beautiful Wish Come True Unto LIFE....4444<<<<3333 7 Equals PERFECTION(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)....

Sweetie you are beautiful. Do a makeover jion a gym join events and start meeting new people in marriages and you'll see woman going thru wores than you.


If you wanna be pretty, work hard at it because anyone can do it. I don't mean blanketing yourself in make up either. You are capable of being gorgeous without make up. I believe in you. And when you get where you wanna be, dump that shallow man's a$$ because he's so not worth a strong woman like you.

I am goin to work very hard at feeling pretty

Married 15 years and you are 16-17?

Join the adventure my good SIR read below and join the journey!

Ahh thx.

She's actually 37. Scroll down the posts.

Looks like the age is definitely wrong here.

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I used to know a cop and he told me over a few drinks he was pretty sure his wife was having an affair with a neighbour when he was on night shift. I asked him why he didn't do anything about it like counselling . He replied well, I have to be fair - I have been screwing around all the time we've been married, so I have had far more f***s, with more people than she has !
There are some people you cannot help obviously.
There is someone better out there for you ( there was for this guy's wife too )

Does anyone notice a problem here.... 16-17... married for 15 years..... im not good at math but this is a bit odd.

Lolz I noticed that too

Okay good I'm not alone if we looked stupid we look stupid together xD

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Earlier the women said that she was actually 37 and that EP had messed up her age. She was trying to fix it. So in reality it does make sense that she has been married for 15 years.

Oh ok oops sorry my bad :)

Damn man ruined the adventure, and i bought a fake mustche too.


I saw that but just thought there was an error.

Smart cookie :)

That's an error. I am 37

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. I have known over the years many women that I've considered stunning beautiful women and have heard their husbands have cheated. Its not about you its about men thinking they can so they will.

You are so right about that.

It's not you it's him. Do NOT blame yourself for his actions. Divorce him because he's hurting you. Marriage is supposed to be about loving, respecting, and trusting your spouse. If he loved you then he wouldn't cheat. He doesn't respect you as another human being or as his wife not to cheat. He broke your trust. Do not let his actions continue to make you unhappy. Love yourself. I am sure you have family and friends who love and support you, and don't want you to continue to hurt. Sending support.

My friends know. But I have never told my family. I am to embarrassed for my fam to know

You shouldn't be embarrassed for your husband's deplorable behavior. That is on him and he should carry that not you. You're family will support you. For all you know, they might already know or have suspicions, and were just waiting for you to trust them enough to say something.

I dont think hes cheating because you arent pretty, he wouldnt have married you if you werent. Perhaps its just at that point that he wants to explore new realms.

Perhaps. But it's been going on for over 10 years now. Sadly

Thats awful! Leave him! Or find someone for yourself too x

Wish I could. It's not that easy.

Sadly, I know if many men with very "beautiful" wives. It didn't stop them from cheating. I know you know it's not about beauty. It's about his (poor) character & your lack of self-worth. I pray that you will come awake one day to know & believe you are worthy of so much more.
Maitri my love, maitri.
Ps. I'm in tremendous amount of pain myself so I know it's a lot easier said then done. Still gotta try/chose higher life.

I pray that God helps me too

Why r u in pain?

I allowed someone into my life that lied, cheated & disrespected me. I couldn't accept that behavior anymore. My self esteem has taken a huge beating but the ounce of worth that I have left knows that I deserve more than those kind of crumbs.

Wow ... I know that pain too well. At least u were brave enough to hey out

I had to. I was destroying myself. The pain is unbearable at times but I rather hurt, grieve & hopefully heal soon & move on. No man or person is worth abandoning ourselves over. I know you've been w him a long time so it's not easy & terrifying but again love, you are worthy of so much more, know this. I pray that you will KNOW it within your bones!

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