After my ex left last year, I've really missed having a best friend. Someone I can say anything to and they'd immediately understand the tone and context. When you only meet one in 40 years...sigh.
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Its hard to find anyone like that now days its a cruel ol' world

Its rough. Hang in there. Many herek ow how you feel.

That's tough. For what it's worth, at one time I considered my husband my soul mate and best friend. There was nothing I couldn't share with him. Now we are oceans apart emotionally and I miss having that connection with someone. Someday I will have that again. Hugs.

I'm in the same boat. My ex and I broke up last year and at first we were pretty close but then things started to become bitter. We've forgiven each other for all the crap that happened but our relationship is just not the same. To add fuel to the fire we promised each other we would remain really close friends if we ever broke up but we hardly talk anymore. I'm so lonely and miss just having someone to talk to and hang out with.

Man, that sounds just like me and my ex! We split, we were each others' rocks, then things got bad between us as we had different experiences. Now we don't talk. I really miss how we "got" each other.

Exactly! I think it's the "getting" each other that really leaves the biggest scar. It almost seemed like living was a little bit easier with that person. You can put your guard down. It's hard to find another relationship like that.

That's the biggest bite of this. She's even said in the past that things haven't been as easy with other people as they were with us. I can't even imagine having that with another person. It truly is inconceivable, given my experience in the dating world (which is a world of SUCK).

My ex has told me the same thing. She kind of sort of dated this guy for a few weeks but they broke up and she told her friends that our relationship was so much better and easier to manage and to the day she admits that she misses us just talking but it's just not the same. I want to move on and get back out into the dating world but it has sucked for me as well. My confidence is just shot after all of this.

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