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I first met him 4 years ago through my sister. He is my sister's friends boyfriend. I didn't see him for a long time. About 2 years. Then I got my own place and my sister moved in with me, and her friend and her boyfriend started coming over. At first, it was rare...then they would come over without even calling and sometimes I would get upset, cause he is very outspoken and doesn't hold back. But then he started caring for my son. Playing with him, he got him christmas gifts, and for my sons birthday, he got him a $50 pair of shoes. He got my son tons of toys....and he takes care of him when he is here. (my sons father is not around due to him being a *********).....So then he told me that he really wanted me. And i have wanted him for a long time, cause he is black and I love black men...well we are sleeping together now, and I know we could never be together..Its just not probable....but I want him to be mine so bad...GOD>>>ITS SO NOT FAIR....the only men who want me are TAKEN!
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1 Response Feb 22, 2008

Hi, I am sorry to hear that... Sometimes, life is not fair. I can never have the boy I love too. You are not alone. At least, you are seeing him, which is a good thing. :)<br />
God bless.