I Am In Love With Someone I Can't Have

I first met him through work, and we had a strong connection from the beginning.  We started flirting with each other online through chats and over the phone.  I known him for 6 months now but the flirtation has continued online only.   I cannot have him because he's a married man.   I know he's very unhappy in his marriage but chose to stay in it becasue of his children (he has 2 young children).   I think of him all the time and I am pulled by my desire for him.   However, he's a good man and is afraid to cheat on his wife.   But he said he cares about me and wants to stay as fond friends.   I am in so much pain and sometimes its almost unbearable.   How do I deal with this?

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1 Response Jul 27, 2009

You shouldn't be willing to cheat with a married man regardless of his marital issues. He is another woman's husband and you would be just a recipient of HER leftovers. Have more respect for yourself. And if he cheats on her then he will cheat on you. Women have a tendency to forget that when they think they have accomplished something by laying up with a married man. There will ALWAYS be another woman. If it's gotten in the wrong way it will not last and it will get taken from you in the wrong way.