I Am In Love With Someone I Can't Have

I first met him through work, and we had a strong connection from the beginning.  We started flirting with each other online through chats and over the phone.  I known him for 6 months now but the flirtation has continued online only.   I cannot have him because he's a married man.   I know he's very unhappy in his marriage but chose to stay in it becasue of his children (he has 2 young children).   I think of him all the time and I am pulled by my desire for him.   However, he's a good man and is afraid to cheat on his wife.   But he said he cares about me and wants to stay as fond friends.   I am in so much pain and sometimes its almost unbearable.   How do I deal with this?

toxiglitter toxiglitter 41-45 2 Responses Jul 27, 2009

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You shouldn't be willing to cheat with a married man regardless of his marital issues. He is another woman's husband and you would be just a recipient of HER leftovers. Have more respect for yourself. And if he cheats on her then he will cheat on you. Women have a tendency to forget that when they think they have accomplished something by laying up with a married man. There will ALWAYS be another woman. If it's gotten in the wrong way it will not last and it will get taken from you in the wrong way.

Sounds like although his marriage is not good he is still dedicated to his wife. I know he has feelings for you but if he is not willing to do anything about it then it's time to move on. Wishing and hoping will not make it happen. <br />
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I'm sad though that he's staying in it for the kids. Kids are no dummies and they will grow up knowing there is tension in the home and the parents will not be setting a good example of two loving parents who love eachother, how can they if the love has died. <br />
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I'm sorry this is hurting you so much. If he is the one he will come back to you so time to let go. Just like that saying about the butterfly, set it free and if it comes back its yours and if it doesn't it never was.