i love when my neck is bitten, not like draw blood but hard enough to leave a mark. i love the way teeth feel pressed into the skin of my neck, the very gentle to the rough makes my lips part in longing. i love how it makes a slight indent and brings me pleasure that spreads to the rest of my body. it leves me withering and begging for more. bite in to my skin and feel my heart beat through my vein. its my desire 

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Add me plz

thank u redtail, i dont have any other fettishes though. i hope that who ever i go with has a mind enough to get a grip in real life and not vampirism. thats kind of scary... blood. but kind of funny.<br />
yes i know allanosky. he he.

Sounds like somthing that could really lead to somthing wild = ) Everyone has a fettish I supose. This one on the other hand is quite interesting. Just hope that you don't find some one who is into the vampirism, that would really bite lol To each there own vises and fettishes. There are people who get the same response to foot touchs and so on, so why not the neck?

Hahahaha proof for my earlier comment/scribble to your page

really? i wouldnt think so.

Very erotic!