Before i get into my Neck-biting story, I must admit i have a very.... 'powerful' fascination with 'Vampires'. (or anything supernatural) I love good vampire books/films/clothing... Anyway =)

I'm VERY sensitive about my neck for some reason. I don't let anyone touch it.

However.. This one time, one of my (Very close) guy friends was giving me a massage one day as I was 'too stressed' according to him.

He slowly worked his hands from my shoulders to my neck, and - if i wasn't aware of it before, i most certainly was at this point - It felt REALLY good.

Under any other circumstances i would have jerked away, but i was too tired (xD) and i was enjoying it.

One thing led to another and he was kissing my neck. Now, i don't know if it's because my neck is rarely touched, or it's just naturally sensitive, but it felt amazingly... (I don't wanna say erotic, but i can't think of the word =P - Help? Comment ;D)

And then he bit me, not really hard, it was more like a small nibble, but it felt sooooo good. And i would welcome it very warmly again =P

Neck-Biting story, and a small insight to my personal life! xD Enjoyy =D


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sounds to bite and nibble too....;)

i think the word you want is sensual and i deeply agree

my neck is sensative too

.....never mind......

WHOA buddy gettin fiesty huh lol

True =)

I've been kissed on the neck, wasn't that great. Everyone's wired differently.

Nom > .

As stated, neck-biting, in my case, is warmly welcomed ^_^

Loved the feeling, not the situation =)

He knew how i am with my neck and at first he was winding me up, trying to tickle me, then he saw i was enjoying it and bit me.. LOOOOOOOOVED it ^_^