I Helped Him Blackmail Her

I’ve always wanted someone to use my wife sue, she’s also liked the thought of someone using her other than me, but we’ve always been too scared to ask someone. So i came up with a plan to have someone blackmail her into sexual favours. When she first heard my plan she was pissed off and called me a pervert for thinking up such a thing. But after a few nights’ role playing and a lot of *******, she came round to the idea. Our plan was to give someone who would love to **** her false information about us that could be used as blackmail this wouldn’t be hard as sue is a stunner 5.7" short brown hair small **** but one of the best arses you will ever see. We wanted to give them false information so after our one night of passion we could call it all off... after weeks of planning we decided finding a target was the tricky part, there was no one who we knew that paid much attention to our lives.
Until one night i caught our 65 year old neighbour, frank spying on sue getting unchanged through our bedroom window. Frank is an average old man, divorced, overweight, balding, chubby and obviously a pervert. I watched frank peeking through the gap in the Curtin and decided to let him enjoy the show I walked up to sue and forcefully chucked her onto the bed with a look off lust in my eyes she knew what I wanted. So she parted her legs giving me and frank a perfect view of her neatly trimmed ***** I knelt between her legs and began to furiously lick and suck her to get her as wet and as turned on as possible. Once she had nearly reached her ****** I climb on top o and ****** her brains out. The thought of frank watching us was unbearable and I only lasted a few minutes. We both got under the covers and kissed each other good night. I looked out the window to see that frank had gone. I lay there wondering how I could get frank to blackmail sue for his sexual desires.
We both woke at 8 in the morning and we decided to stay in bed and watch tv, I told her about frank watching us having sex last night, she was a bit angry but it also made her extremely wet. I asked her if she would like it to be frank that blackmails her, she turned her face up at me and gave me the look that meant no way! We both got up late afternoon and sue went out to do the food shopping. Whilst she was gone I couldn’t stop thinking about frank ******* her especially if he thought he was blackmailing her he could do what he wanted and she would have to be his slave. My mind was racing about the things he might make her do. The lust took over me I had to make it happen even with my wife’s consent or without it. I grabbed some naked photographs of sue that I had in my top draw, I had no idea what my plan was but I headed straight for franks house. I got to his front door and stopped to look at the photos, my hand was shaking….. My whole body was shaking! There were three photos and they were extremely dirty, one was of her completely naked with a ***** half way up her ***** the other two were of her in her work uniform well, half of her uniform, she was a teacher at one of the local schools and I had asked her if she could pose for me in her uniform, my god did she take some really nasty shots one in her office and the other in a empty class room bent over one of the desks.
I was about to turn around and go back to the house, But it was too late frank had already opened the door to see what I wanted he must of seen me standing there. All I could do was stare at him; he looked strangely at me and then asked me what the matter was. I still didn’t speak I was completely frozen my mind wouldn’t work he looked at my hand and gently tuck the photos from it. His face lit up as soon as he saw them, he looked over my shoulder and then pulled me inside his house. We both stood there in silence for a few minutes as he examined the photos, he then looked at me and said “what are these for” it was too late to come up with an excuse so I said it
“I want you to blackmail my wife” there was an orchard pause until a big smile came across his face “I always knew you were a ******….., how do you want me to blackmail your wife” he asked jokingly.
My voice had gone and I was having trouble breathing I couldn’t believe I was telling this man how to blackmail my wife but I couldn’t stop it I blurted out “she works at the local school you can threaten her saying that you will send them around the school” he laughed and sat down on an old wooden chair. “tell me” he said “why are you doing this”, I took a deep breath “we both want to try new things and I want my wife to be blackmailed for sex for one night I want someone to be in control of her to do as they please” he sat there for a few seconds looking at the photos “one night you say, ok you have a deal, expect a phone call later this evening with my instructions” I watched as he admired the photos. I then walked out of the front door leaving him with naked pictures of sue and the information he needed to blackmail her. Once I got inside my house I ran into the kitchen and poured myself a large glass of wine I stood there thinking about what I had done and how I was going to tell sue.
When sue arrived home I was still in the same spot and had drank a full bottle of wine she looked at me and new straight away that something was up. “What have you done” she asked nervously. I told her everything and was in tears by the end of it. She basically beat the living **** out of me until we were both crying. She told me I had best go back round franks house and tell him there’s been a miss understanding. I didn’t argue I just got up and made my way to the door but just before I left the phone rang. My heart skipped a beat I forgot to tell her, he would be calling she answered the phone before I could warn her. I watched her face as she listened to what must have been franks voice on the other end. She started to tell frank that there’s been a mistake and I was coming round to get the photos. she tried to reason with him for ages until she put the phone back on the hook and looked at me with tear full eyes “he wants us to both go round” she mumbled. She picked up her coat and walked past me to franks house, I followed behind her like a lost puppy.
Frank was waiting with the door open he was only wearing his dressing guan and you could see the outline of his obliviously semi hard ****. We both went in and sat down in the front room. Frank looked at us both and said “now before any of you say a word, I am in charge here. I will gladly send the pictures, not only to the school but to the police who I’m sure will want to question why a teacher has been posing nude in a school class room” my head sank even lower. Frank looked at me and said “All I want to do is what you asked of me, I want to use your wife just for one night and then you can have the photos back.” Sue looked at me angrily “this is what you wanted, we don’t have choice now” she snapped. “So you except then” frank asked. Sue nodded her head slowly “grate frank said well you can start my crawling over here on your hands and knees and suck my ****”. With that he undid the knot in his dressing guan and let his 8” wrinkly **** spring out. My wife was in shock but eventually got on the floor and headed towards franks member. “Come on I haven’t got all night there’s a lot more in store for you after this” frank grunted. Once Sue reached him she slowly lowered her head over his ****.” That’s it now open your mouth wide” frank instructed. I just sat there watching in amazement as sue obeyed. Once her mouth was fully open frank put his hands on the back of her head and pushed down. Sue swallowed all 8” and her face was pressed against his stomach. He started to moan loudly as she started to bob up and down on his ****. He looked at me “do you want to know the things I’m going to make your wife do to me, she’s going to suck my **** for the next hour whilst I wait for my food to be delivered. Then I might even share her with the delivery guy” he said laughing. I was in shock there was no way I could stop what was happening, and deep down I didn’t want to. “Right! You can leave now don’t wait up for her she won’t be back tonight” frank snapped. I slowly got out my chair and walked towards the door, “wait” he said “before you go I want you to reach under you wife’s dress and pull her nickers off, once you’ve got them off I want you tell me to enjoy ******* your wife and to make sure i leave some marks and bruises on her……. Oh and be polite and call me sir”. I walked back to my wife who was now sucking his **** uncontrollably I got on the floor and reached under her dress to my surprise her knickers were soaking wet, I pulled them down her legs and looked at frank “please enjoy ******* my wife and make sure you leave some marks and bruises on her sir” Frank smiled at me “thank you ****** and I will enjoy ******* your wife but judging by how wet her knickers are she’s going to enjoy it more”. I walked back to my house and sat in the kitchen I opened a new bottle of wine and thought to myself “it’s going” to be a long night………………………. To be continued

Second story!!!! I know and my grammar is terrible if I you want more let me know if I get enough comments I will right more.
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Great story....keep them coming....Thanks for shsfing

That was awesome. I was so turned on I didn't even notice any grammatical errors. Me and my 2nd wife actually did something similar, although she allowed me to set everything up, and didn't get involved until I sent her to meet the guy. I had been in chat rooms posing as her. I pretended to be the bored housewife, and gradually sent out more revealing photo's. I also over the weeks chatting with the same individuals slipped them the info necessary to get in touch with her husband (me). Also indicating how much trouble i would be in if her husband found out. She eventually met him in the back of the Wal-Mart parking lot, with me parked a few rows away. She had her cell phone open in her purse so I could hear everything. She had to do whatever he said, to keep him from sending the nasty pic's to me. It was crazy sexy.

Thank You for your post

Hot story / experience

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