Please Control My Bladder!

First tell me how much to drink

Then tell me how long I can wait

Next what to wear (Panties or Naked)

Where to actually pee (Floor, Tub, Sink or Toilet)

And last, what position to pee in.

Please please please comment and tell me!
SecretHolder91351 SecretHolder91351
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

A day, all day at home. Starting at 9am, drink 1 16.9 fl. oz bottle of water every 45 minutes until midnight. You will pee only twice-between noon and 12:05pm, and between 6pm and 6:05pm, then not again until after noon the next day. You will be allowed only panties all day. At noon, you will squat in the corner of your living room to pee on the floor. At 6pm, you will lay on your back on your bedroom floor, spread your legs wide, and pee on the floor. I want to own your bladder. I will tell you how much to drink, when and where to pee, what position to pee, and how much to pee. I will control you as completely as you want. is my email, or here is ok too.

anything you want ;)