Want Someone To Diaper Me

I am a girl 18 years of age and I am tired of changing myself I would really enjoy it if someone could change them for me and diaper me up please.
puppydog45 puppydog45
22-25, F
6 Responses May 25, 2012

I'll change your diaper for you....I'm in Allen.

I lived in Texas up until about six months ago,and came through that area many times.I now live in Georgia but its not really that far.Maybe I could come visit you and then you could come and visit me.You know just for a week or two,both ways.Do you live at home with parents? Or by yourself?I have 56 acres that I live on and its back in the woods,VERY secluded.If you like you can also e-mail me at timmathews37@yahoo.com

wow, sounds like you have some nice offers on the table!. now all you need to do is accept. I would love to have some offers like these -Tad

take turns?

i would love to change you

Stop on by...I'll clean and change you, baby.