Wish To Be Diapered

I have never been diapered by someone else. As a abdl I have always wanted to be. I dream that I am playing in my nursery with my toys and mummy or daddy comes in and check the back of my diaper to find I'm wet and messy (ow I love wet diapers).

A change mate it pulled out and placed on the floor and I am lye on it. My plastic pants slowly lowered to reveal my bambino teddys diapee which is very full. Each tab on the side is undone and the diapee slowly lowered daddy or mummy starts wiping me clean paying attention to making sure my privates are clean and my bottom. A fresh diaper is unrolled and my bottom is lifted and set back down on the fresh diaper. It fells so soft. A small amount of powder is applied and I fell the front of the diaper being lifted as its soft matueral brushes my penis. Each side tab is fasten and I fell that nice tight diaper comfort of being secure in my diaper. I'm in a Abuniverse Cushies baby diaper. I love them cause the pattern is so babyish. Mummy/daddy sees me smiling and knows I am a happy adult baby.
My plastic pants are pulled up my legs which fells like heaven, the sensation of feeling like a baby and the sensation of them being lovingly applied. I look down and watch my onesies snaps being fastened.
Mummy/daddy pushes a paci between my lips and I am lifted of the change mate. I am feeling so happy and comfy in a fresh diaper.

Daddy/mummy tells me to crawl over and play we my toys as they fold the mate away and smile to there cute baby boy.

I wish this could happen.
Abandy Abandy
46-50, M
7 Responses Dec 12, 2012

hello dare abandy me his asissy adult baby full time 247 so would you like to chat friend me his baby michael

I would love to change you.

I wish that would happen to me and then get a bottle or boob to drink momies milk

Alright young lady it's bedtime and you know the routine
Get up on that changing table now!!!
I don't care if everyone is watch us your going to weAr this diaper and that's that's
Tell me what to do! I'll spank that lily white *** right now
Here drink your baba

This can happen kiddo
So let's climb up onto that changing table now


What are you laughing at diaper boy ! Get in your race car bed now or do you want to sleep in the crib with your lil sister like the lil diaper boy u are
Did u alright wet your self?
Get back up on that changing table now
Two pamper nite for u young man

I wish this could happen to me to

I wish we could change each other 💜

A wish, lot's have...It will come..in time.. Thinking about It is also fun??