Two Diaper Dreams

I have two ultimate diaper dreams:

The first is to be diapered by my wife and placed in a playpen in the middle of the living room.  Then some of her hot friends would come over and tease me for wearing a diaper and sitting in a playpen.  My wife would tell them how I wet the bed that night and that she couldn't trust me to wear "big boy" pants.  She and her friends would shake my rattles and talk babytalk to me, trying to get me to say "gogogaga" or something.  I'd be so embarrassed that I would wet myself and my wife would have to change me while her girlfriends watched and giggled.

The second fantasy involves being humiliated at the mall by a group of teenage girls.  As I am walking past a group of very attractive young women, either my pants fall down or someone pulls them down as a prank, exposing my big, plush diaper.  The girls erupt in laughter, pointing their cute, freshly manicured fingers at my infantile underwear while passing strangers stop to stare and heckle me.  Again, I'd be so embarrassed that I would wet myself, and that thin, light blue line traversing the center of the diaper from top to bottom would become thick and blurred, causing the girls and other by-standers to gawk and guffaw even harder.

I have many more diaper dreams, but those are the two ultimate fantasies.

zanoah zanoah
22-25, M
5 Responses Aug 31, 2009

Anything ever come of it? Any interesting stories?

I have gone out diapered several times, and try to get caught! So much fun!

i wish i hd a girl to diaper me and be diapered with me, i think that every guy that has a girl or man is luky to have this as part of there everyday life

Lets here more of your diaper dreams and fantasys

i wish my girlfriend would do the same or te same thing would happen at the mall