Please Someone ! Anyone !

I'm tired of getting told how stupid I am, how worthless I am,how dumb I am,how I'm such a big failure, how much I'm a screw up, how much I'm a waste of life, how they wished I was a good kid, how I shouldn't be me, how I am always disappointing people, always getting in trouble and being such a big **** up!!! I'm tired of it all, the pain, the sadness, the crying, the sorrow, and how much I'm told I'm worthless. Over and over again I'm told how I'm so screwed up. I just want it all to end! I don't know what to do anymore, I'm tired of coming home and getting yelled at and told how I'm so worthless I am and crying for 5 hours straight then doing it all the next day. Please , please just end all my pain!!! Someone!! Anyone!!!!! Just end my life so all my pain will leave me and my crying will end and my sadness will end. Please!!!!!!
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I Hate going through all this too! Would u Believe I've gone through so much of this, and I'm so Depressed because of it all, I wish I was a baby again just so everyone would Love me no matter what and I didn't have to think/worry about anything, save a wet diaper, a bottle, a good soft rock, a lullaby and a warm blanket??

Life was so simple as a baby....

Question 1) Why was it so simple then?
Question 2) How can I make myself 1 again? And I'm only asking the 2nd because, I can't take anymore!

I wish I knew...

There is a plan for everything guys! Dont worry! Whn u get older u will look back and go " that made me stronger!" I was going through all that crap till today. And i realized i am so loved! You guys are so incredibky loved also!

"Love"? The 2 Monsters I live with wouldn't know Love if I made the transformation I so desperately desire to make to myself, erased ALL records of my "Past" and had-Labor pains and everything, a baby girl of my own.

U have a little girl and a husband? They r monsters?

No, the 2 "People" I live with, the ones who always call me worthless, stupid, selfish, etc, are the Monsters. No, I just want to become a girl and have the baby as a Single Mommy.

Ohh that makes a lot more sense. Im sorry. Just dont listen to thise *******!! They have no clue how amaizng and beautiful and talented u r!!

How can I "Not Listen to" or "Ignore" them? I do that, I get yelled at, I speak my mind, I get yelled at-Despite they ALWAYS tell me: "You can tell us Anything" and "We want you to be Happy"
I'm sorry, but I'm curious about the word u "censored"

Yes i know how u feel. Ok i went through this as well and i know its not easy. Listen to them. But dont belive it. Tell them that it hurts when they call you worthless ect. See what they do. Listne but dont believe. I have to go to bed but please message me anytime u feel down and i will do my best to help u!!:D i love you!!!! ( as a friend!;)) God bless u!!:-))

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Every time i read this i get lit up! Im not joking! I feel like screaming! U are compeltely opposite of all those things!! You are sweet and loving and caribg and smart and fun and so so much more! I hate that people would make up lies like tht just to make themselves feel better!! U know i am always here for u and will alwys tell u the truth and i can tell u this much, those things are CONPLETELY weong about u!

Am I all those things too: Smart, Fun, Caring, etc...??

Yes absoluetly!!! Most people are!! I can tell that u r!!!:D


i promise you will find someone that will make you feel loved, and taken care of. im here if u ever wanna talk.

Don't let anyone ever tell you you are worthless because you aren't. You shouldn't let one person get you down like that! You aren't junk and you aren't worthless!

Thank you :)

Who is the ***** who keeps sayin that?

Idk, everyone at my school,and everyone in my family,every one pretty much :(

Well as i stated above they r *******!! Hy would they tell u tht?!

I wish I knew , I guess ppl just don't like me

Tahs nit true!! I bet they r jst jealous! Do u have friends?

Yea I guess so

Then they r just teasing u! I know how u feel! Peopel do taht to me! Here message me! I want to help!:)

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who ever says that to you are morons, your nothing they say, your awesome! don't listen to them, your perrrrrrrrrrrrfect the way you are ^_^

your not all those things they say ...they are just jealous and it ONLY matters what u believe yourself to be...just because someone says it...dont make it true

:) thanx


:) thank you!

No! You are my bestie you will not die on me! D':

No!!! Don't think like this, as you know I have the same problem, you're not worthless. If anyone is its me, and dnt say no cus you're a great alpha, don't think like this you're not worthless. Who the **** gives a ****, I mean really a bad child, every child is bad. I don't care what people say, you're not worthless and if anyone try's to touch them there dead.

:) that makes me feel a little better. Thank you.

It's true, and dnt let anyone tell you otherwise