(Sighs) Not Again!

Well, my friends are feeling bad. So I feel bad. My friends are depressed, I'm depressed. I HATE this vicious cycle of pain. Sadness then depression and pain, then i pretend it's better but it's defiantly not. So the sadness returns, which is followed by depression and more pain. I wish I could end this stupid cycle but I can't seem to find a way and its killing me ever so slowly. And every time it returns it all gets worse and worse. The sadness gets worse then the cycle continues and I need to stop it but I don't know how (sighs) I feel the cycle again...brb....(crying)...**** THiS LIFE!....*and the cycle continues*....
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4 Responses Jan 24, 2013

:(( this might help... It helped me... One of my best friends Liam told me that u can laugh just about everything! If u smile and laugh then it will be better! Please tell me wen u feel like this! I have a special cure!!:))


Awwww. I'm srry *hugs*. If you ever need to talk you know you have me and shay right, and we'll talk about anything, and I mean anything. Haha, jst dnt give up hope

*hugs* I sorry

It's ok. It's just my life cycle

:) yes :)