I'Ve Noticed Something :(

I've noticed that all these ppl are happy and in love or have something to look forward too every second, every minute,every day , every week, every month etc.

And I've noticed I have absolutely nothing...
No one to love, no one to touch, no one to look forward to living for, it's a very alone feeling, nothing at all physical,
It's very lonely...very lonely...

*I just had to get this off my chest*
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I know how u feel. Go ahead and add me to your circle if u want, then we can chat via messaging on here.

All those ppl are not really happy they all using each other and lying to each other. They smile to hide it.

HEY!!!! Im here too. Im female. Dont know if your a guy or girl in real life. But I will hang out with you. Or we can be imaginary friends on line. The world is your oyster!!!!

I'm a guy lol

Well, I wont hate you for that either, ;)

Im more fun in person. Im told my humor does not transfer well in texts.

Im here!!:D i may not phiscally b there but u know i am always here for u bro!

Youre never alone, theres so many of us that feel the same way. Ive made up my mind a while ago the right way to think, because im tired of the depression. check out what ive written and see if it inspires you at all, and if you need a one on one talk, im always here, for everyone.

I have been alone before. I lived on the streets as a kid, I went to school in dirty clothes, got yelled at by teachers because my assignments were hand written, not on a computer. None of my "friends" knew of my situation. I had no one real in my life. Although I did have my puppy dog who saved my heart. But I missed the personal connection with ppl. Hang in there mate, life has its ups and downs, maybe u need to be alone now so u appreciate the family when u get them...

You're not alone. Jst remember that. Your never alone, and I used to feel this way before I had a mate. Trust me as soon as you have a mate you'll feel a lot better

I'm alone , I'm sitting alone, thinking Alone, i always am alone by my self.
I'll never find a mate cus not even wolfs like me.

That's not true, and I know it's not

I'm glad u think that lilwolf, but I'm a loser and that's that.

No you aren't.


I am unfortunately :'(
And I always will be cus I never do anything but make ppl sad cus of my problems and I'm so stupid I can't do anything right.

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Haa… you're very far from being alone. I think the only thing to do is to keep your eyes and heart open ;)

How am I far from alone? I have no friends , no life , no nothing

Why open my eyes and see a world that rejects me, why open my heart to more pain?

That sounds line a situation where you really need something totally new and different in your life. What about starting a hobby where you don't know anyone beforehand and trying to make friends there?

I've tried, I've cried every time cus it never works

Then try again! You know, only dead fish swim with the stream. Life is not easy, and everyone gets their share of the injustice of it, sadly some more than the others. Getting trough it is totally about keeping eyes open and seizing the chance when there could be one. If you think already beforehand that 'it won't work anyway', do something and then are nasty to everyone because of your wrong attitude, don't be surprised if nothing happens. The key is to be open-minded, towards everyone. I know it, because I had an episode where I was jut crying all the time and few times really wanted to kill myself, but then I joined a youth project, which totally helped me out of it, and now I'm enjoying life as I get it. Just NEVER give up. It's never the right way to go. Swimming against a stream is sometimes harder than others. That's it. I'm sorry if it doesn't help, but I tried. There is peoplewho care about you, you know. Even if you don't think about it.

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Join the club...you're definitely not alone in feeling that way.

I've been in this club all my life.

Sweetie...me too.

Life sucks...so bad...