Maybe Tomorrow? Whenever Someone Has Time.

Well... To sum it up, I ******* hate my life and I want to end it. Okay in long terms here's why: First of all everyday I am yelled at to clean the house and If I take my time doing it I will be beat. I'm back handed, beat with a belt, and smacked. I cut except when I cut I scare. Each one bleeds for about 2hrs. It's just... I don't give two ***** about me. It's my sister and my mom. My dad and my step mother are dangerous. She almost killed my sister intoxicated and I had to sit there n watch. I couldn't do anything about it. I was immobile. My dad, forces me to be his perfect little daughter. I do something wrong, he will get REALLY mad.... My mom is always depressed and I hate it because I try anything I can to just make everyone happy.

I have a bf. I guess u can say. I haven't talked to him in a long time so I'm not sure if were still together... All I know is I'm pretty sure hes charting from what girls on his fb is saying to him... I really miss him and I hate the thought of him being with someone else. Only beaches he's the only one keeping me going. I cry to myself each night worrying of what may happen tomorrow, the next or the next. So when u get the time maybe pull the trigger, switch the blade... Something????

Ps: I love u now I love u tomorrow I love u always just like I should.

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Ending it all isnt as easy as it sounds.....from a purely LOGICAL standpoint, think long and hard, because chances are, you wont suceed, and it'll follow you for awhile.
From a human standpoint....ive been there. Dont. Just......DONT. if you need to talk,im here, ive been there.....i know it hurts.
Stay strong.

Thank you!!!!! And I've been fairly close to actually doing it.

I'm so sorry about all this, darling. I have a similar story. If u want to add yourself to my circle, u go right on ahead and do just that.
Bite, look up my story: "Young People are Happy" in the Group: "I Want to Be a Baby Again"