Dream Day

I would love to find a nice guy to feed me. Not looking for sex or anything, just someone who would help me grow and encourage me. My ideal day would be for us to hit up as many restaurants in town, eating till Im about to burst at one, then moving on to another one to see if I can cram any more food into my growing gut :) You know what, forget just one day, lets do it for a week at least lol
growingfatterbelly growingfatterbelly
26-30, F
10 Responses Jan 22, 2013

sounds like a wonderful idea. Start at your favorite fast food place, and move up in quality from there.

I know what you mean. I wish I just had a fat friend to go and eat with. Nothing more involved, just fatty mates having a nice time,

Awwwww - please add me as a friend, hun!!!

Your belly is sooooooo massive ans sexy add me please!!!

Yes! I'll make you huge!

How about a month

Keep on stuffing that gut!

Add me please

Where do I sign up!?

I'll be that guy