Ep Crushes

i think it would just be nice to know someone was crushing on me. not that i am perfect by anymeans. but it never hurts to have a little flattery in your life. i think we all have crushes on someone on this site. whether it be male or female, i think we all are crushing on someone. i know i am. just be nice to be on the other end of the crush.

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I'm starting to. With regard to your personal quote,Nice Hangman's Joke reference. Nothing is trivial.

Haha, I agree.

Well said and spot on...

Having a crush on some one is really a natural thing,and some one having a crush on you really feels good. It is knowing that someone cares enough to talk to you, get to know you, and takes the time to get to know what makes you tick, that is great. I know most of the people on here are married,dating, or hooked up with some one, but, there are some times that, even though you are madly in love and would never think of cheating on your significant other, it is just great to have that some one some where off in computer land that you know cares for you and you care for them, to be there for them as they are there for you ...call it a crush, or a trusted friend, it is some one that you can talk to, saying any thing you want, knowing they will be there for you.as you will always be there for them...<br />
Well I may be a little long winded but I feel we all have that kind of need some times in our lives. or we wouldn't be here.

I know and that makes me *smile*.

well, ck, you know i love you forever!!

I know what you mean too metagirl... ;-)

I may be spoken for, but I'm always crushing on you, my sister friend.

always seems i am the one crushing, not the one being crushed on.