I Would Like Some:)

It would be nice to know if someone had a crush on me... lol just for the heck of it I guess... I would feel like I was back in school or something... So I'm waitin... :-D 

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo
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58 Responses Feb 22, 2009

OH where are my crushes at??? I know I got like 2 or 3 now... but I need more... Come out, Come out where every you are...

Your very welcome...


oh stop that... no one is laughin at you... your lookin fly...

yeah decided to try something new....wait till next time i'm home i'm thinking i might put my suit on and take a pic of that.....then none of the ladies will be able to..............stop laughing

HEYY HEYY HEYY is that a NEW pic... Hot stuff... hehehe

oh ok i guess i just feel old then LOL

lol I mean 70 and up thats old... 40s 50s and even 60s aint old... you can still bust a move just may not be as fast as it used ta bee... lol

you already have old hun

Guys and girls... now I need old and young... hehehe

think I have a crush on u.

AWWW WOOHOO i got another one... keep up comin... your something kinda sweet and koo yourself... now its really time for work... BYEEE

lol, well, I guess you could call it a lil' crush, but I'm a sucker like that, honestly. <br />
You just resemble somebody back in my High School days that I wish I would've gotten to know better but things happen and c'est la vie and such....*blush*...and you do seem adorable and sweet so there I said it!


i will do that

lol... i dont know... its hard tryin to find my stories... lol... but its gonna bug me soo ill keep lookin... if like a month later im like HEYY i found it... remember this convo... lol

let me know if you figure it out....i have a bad habit of commenting on pretty ladies stories :-)

LOL I was TheSweetTruth85... Then JustMeehUndefined (same acct, just changed the name) Now i'm MysticBeauty && with a new acct. but Im sure I've seen ya comment on one of my stories... now imma have to figure it out... and I think I know what one it was... lol

honestly i have quite a few friends and they come and go so often and change names so much i have a hard time keeping track LOL

lol I think it was you... or do you just have one of them faces... I del. the story so I cant go back and look... lol

I do... lol but its me commentin on my own story... HEHEH

Really???? i'm stumped wonder who you are....or were i guess LOL

lol... you know what... this would be your 2nd crush on me... cause I decided to leave my old name (to much drama) but you had one on me before...

cool then i will have a little crush on you but we have to keep it secret from my girlfriend ok LOL thats going to be difficult cause she is on here too LOL

Naw isnt that normal now and days... lol I get depressed alll the time... i just got in my room and turn my phone off... so i dont think thats crazy...

does chronic depression count as crazy??? LOL

lol... im not scared... crushes are cute... asl long as your not crazy...

i'd be happy to have a crush on you if i was 20 years younger but i don't want to scare you and be the weird old guy LOL